AXE (X11)

WalletAXE core
Cold StorageGenerate address pair
ValueCoin market
MinerAntMiner D3 17.0GH/s ASIC
Buy HardwareAntMiner D3, Power Supply
Pool Fee1.25%
Altmining PoolView AXE (X11) Pool

Configure Bitmain AntMiner D3 to join the pool
Miner Configuration -> General Settings -> Pool1

WORKER<your AXE payout address>

Note: Your miner address will show up in the pool with its hash rate. This pool is decentralized and essentially solo, rewards are based on finding a block. Typically a miner will find a block every 2-4 hours. Keep in mind you don’t always need a wallet you can send your mining rewards directly to an exchange.

If you intend to hold your rewards you can also generate an address pair as a cold storage wallet. You can use your public key for your worker. Don’t lose your secret private key be sure to print your key set! You will need it later to send your AXE coin to someone else or trade it for other coins.