We have not updated this site in a while and most of these pools are no longer active or the coins are just dead. We are going to change our focus in 2023 and will only be working with privacy based coins such as Dero, Pirate Chain, Monero and Equilibria. Our focus is teaching people how to mine, use and support decentralized privacy based technologies which will be the future of all online transactions.


Crypto mining at AltMining.io is free to join with no login needed just point your miners and start receiving mining rewards to the address specified in your worker profile. We do not require an email address or any information from a miner. This allows miners to remain anonymous which further increases the security of the network. We do ask that you click on resources and donate to the donation addresses. It does cost time and money to keep our pool running.

  • Decentralized mining pools spread the wealth and strengthen the network
  • Promoting decentralized mining helps strengthen alt coins
  • Payouts are made directly to miners after a block is found no middle man
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum are having huge scaling problems with large fees
  • Reduce transfer fees and promote alt coin applications
  • AltMining.io can be more profitable than Bitcoin mining as alt coins quickly rise in price
  • Sending alt coins is fast, cheap, easy and secure
  • Mine with legacy ASIC miners such as Antminer S9, Antminer L3, Antminer D3
  • AltMining is here to provide an easy mining setup for novice or pro miners